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Zázraky a nadprirodzené úkazy sa dejú na celom svete. Na Slovensku napríklad existuje muž, ktorý chytá blesky do špeciálnych zariadení, ktoré si sám zhotovil. O takýchto mužoch je aj dokumentárny film Jany Minárikovej 25 km2, ktorý získal na festivale v Hamburgu Grand Prix.

25 km2

Arsy-Versy is the life story of a mother and her son Lubos, who turned the world upside down. Lubos escaped the world of people to live symbiotically with nature. He flew away to a planet where only butterflies live – intelligent beings. Lubos invested his life’s energy combined with his unbelievable empathy into his amateur photograph and film creations. His greatest fascination with nature was the unique study of bats. He attempted to maximize the understanding between human and animal by expressing his fascination for this upside down being. His biggest support in his wanderings, as well as in all areas of his life, was his mother. Lubos’ mother, however, is 70 years old and worries about the future of her son. “What will happen with that kid?” she asks. People who ‘knew him’ thought Lubos was crazy, but only until they saw the film upside down. Now they feel like the crazy ones!


If you spins neck to Slovak, he will let you to turn it again. Again and again.