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t is the year 2025. The world has became very modern. destruction has hit the world. there was a nuclear explosion. Only one man has survived it living in a super modern house he has planned himself. He cannot leave the house or he will die from the radiation. He has a only a computer that he talks to. The computer is what runs the whole house. There are constant sounds coming from basement. As the audience later finds out that the main character is actually a scientist genius,who is working on creating a medication that can save him, and let him to be able to go out and walk the streets full of radiation. There are many scenes shown about the scientist mixing different types of chemicals trying to find out something. As we later find out is that the scientist captured people and did experiments on them. (The people are never actually shown.) By the end of the movie when the scientist finds the antidote against The radiation. By the end he is finally able to fulfil his dream and go outside to the destruction. This apocalypses was caused by this man because he wanted to be alone in the whole world.