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-The Midpoint of a Very Long Story- Paris at dusk. A loneliness casts over its damp streets. A flat illuminates with anticipation as Mireille awaits her date. For Derun, it is not certain he will even survive the night. More than just a regular interaction of strangers. A rendezvous of evergreen senses. Angst mixed with attraction, trauma met by excitement, strife overrun by escape.

Çok Uzun Bir Hikâyenin Tam Ortası

Two young former lovers meet after many years. A mysterious phone call sweeps them across Paris and through the memories of the past revived in the city's crepuscular light.


Today. A tramp sees life a little less in black and white, being a fan of Charlie Chaplin. And if passers-by had the same loving look they have on the hero of Chaplin's films on the tramps in our street ? Director/Writer/Post : Jerome Genevray - __French : De nos jours. Un S.D.F. voit la vie un peu moins en noir et blanc, en étant fan de Charlot. Et si les passants avaient le même regard affectueux qu'ils ont sur le héros des films de Chaplin sur les sans-domiciles ?

Tramp in the Modern Time (Clochard des Temps Modernes)

Written and directed by Magdalena Korpas and Dominique Maury Lasmartres This movie, shot with an iPhone 4 for the TAKAVOIR film festival (theme : absurd), has been designed to be played LOUD.