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Memories of the trains that once existed in Mauritius are still fresh in the minds of the few witnesses. Numerous anecdotes pave the path of the trains, which moved around the island from 1864 to 1964, giving us a glimpse of the fanciful railway era of Mauritius.

Once Upon A Train

Sophie, a passionate painter, and her daughter Lya live by themselves. One day, while going out to sell a painting, her car breaks down in the heart of the countryside but she gets some help from Coco, an old and embittered sculptor. Destiny has them meet again a few days later. Curious, Sophie will learn deeply moving and surprising things about the man.

Un jour, un destin

Ken, aged 10, is the unique child of a modest family living in a small coastal village. He is very passionate about football and has always dreamt of getting a 'real' pair of football shoes. And Ken has seen one in a shop. Since then he has set himself a goal: save up to be able to buy it. Meanwhile, he still wears his worn out 'Tanga' (rubber sandals) to go to school and to play football with his friends.


Victor makes a Mauritian flag for his seven-year-old son on Independance Day. He goes to pick up his son, who lives with his ex-wife. But on the journey, he loses his flag...

Rouzblézonnver (Red Blue Yellow Green)

The Indian Ocean, the summer of 1662. A trade sailing ship is wrecked in a storm at the shore of the Mauritius Island. A single sailor survives, experiencing extremely unpleasant adventures with a roasted dodo as well as with the peculiar members of a local mission. In the end, he learns the true meaning of the proverb “We are what we eat”. An adventurous animated film by Jiří Novák about the infamous fate of a castaway, cute dodos, greedy monks and the divine punishment for human greed.

The Last of the Dodos