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Little Katie loves fairy tales; beautiful princesses and handsome heroes. And in her young head, the real world is just as wondrous. But a storm is about to wreck her childish fantasy and she'll discover all too soon that not everyone can live happily ever after.


My first ever short film, i hope you enjoy. A disturbed man trapped in thought takes a random trip around London. He finds himself at door number 34 on a north London estate. He slowly enters the house and walks up stairs. The tenant of the house, completely unaware of his presence, leaves his bedroom to go wash his hands. As the tenant goes back into his bedroom the man attacks him from behind and strangles the tenant to death. The man then calmly leaves the house. The next day the strange man arrives at the house and knocks on the door. The tenant then opens the door and the man greets him and with ‘Hi I’m Chris your new housemate”......

Door 34

A short poetic portrait documentary of busker Stephen Emson, who in the last couple of years has been performing every single day on the London Underground.

Subterranean Busking Blues