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Stewart Rothman, an out of work filmmaker who is given the chance to revitalize his "Dead as Elvis" career. The man offering the chance is Jonathan Lyson, a fame-hungry killer, who is prepared to confess to his killings in the form of a documentary. Stewart accepts the proposition and seeks out Max, his trusty cameraman from when his career once flourished. Rothman and Lyson are in no way, shape or form similar...Except for the one thing that brought them together and makes them seem inseparable, their self-destructive ambition for fame.

A Bullet For The Camera

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” is a modern day fairy tale in black and white that tells the story of a man (Eamon) who never shed a tear in his life. Having watched other people cry, he realises that he is different than everybody else. Eamon is fascinated by people who are able to show their emotions and doesn’t just record them crying with his camera, but also collects their tears in test tubes. When he meets Emily, a young woman who can’t stop crying, he overcomes his shyness and invites her to stay with him. Two strangers, who couldn’t be more different from each other, share an intense time together that changes their lives forever.

"The Man Who Couldn't Cry" (Trailer)

This is Alex's reel for 2013. More works coming on 2014 so stay tuned for the update.

Alex Lora's Showreel