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Unconcealment V / Hanefi Yeter Unconcealment films are short video portraits of contemporary artists. Unconcealment series, stands out from other films by its image poetry technique which allows the viewer to fully experience the film and enjoy a unique experience such as one would with a painting. Unconcealment V is a short film about the calling of the artist Hanefi Yeter, filmed in his studio. It is an attempt to see through the eyes of the artist and his mood in the moment of his artistic calling. Hanefi Yeter was born in Bayburt in 1947. He graduated from Bedri Rahmi Workshop at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Art in 1972. He has had over 90 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. His works can be seen in national and international museums and private collections. In recent years, Yeter has made sculptures as well as paintings and exhibited them in Form works, which have been organized in Ankara, Mersin and Denizli.


“Flowers dancing in the rain” is a short musical film-metaphor. Some people will say that it’s a fairytale, and they will be right. Others will say that everything is possible, and they will be right as well. Every one of us is very different, and this film is just about that. It’s not about the flowers, music, and not even about the love between a man and a woman. At the same time, this film includes all of the above. But, most importantly, this film is about that important quality that almost all of us lose when we get older – an ability to enjoy the miracles that surround us everywhere. In our pursuit of happiness we move from it even further, we give in to the rules of the society that imposes its habits upon us. Yes, we are very dependent on money, social status, and various fancy things. But does a lot of money makes us happier? Does having an enormous amount of things make our lives more fulfilled? The world is trying to trick us, and it often succeeds. This is a film about those who are able to accept the world for what it truly is – a wonderful miracle.

Flowers dancing in the rain

Egy "nagyon-nagyon rossz" macska kalandozása a képzőművészet világában. A "SZAFT 2015" rövidfilmpályázat versenyzője.

Mark it, Sign it!

This is your film submitted to "BFZ 2015" contest.

Újból és újból

Honorable Mention at the Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2014

A Birds Waltz

Videómban a kapkodás a hirtelen változtatni és tenni akarás, a menekülés hiúsul meg mert a szereplők figyelmen kívül hagyják saját képességeiket és a környezetük adottságait.

cím nélkül

The painter Javier Marticorena receives an unexpected request: to portray “Cabezón” an English Mastiff. To do it, he must gradully accept the dog, of huge proportions, to overnight at his small home-studio for a couple of days. During this unusual coexistence, the painting work will test the relationship between the artist and his pet model.


Primož Oberžan aka Federmeister performing Turn On in his working lab Sonic Central. Camera & editing: temperimagination You can found more about his work on Metamechanics blog:

Turn ON - Federmeister

Animacija je narejena iz nekaj idej, risb, besed in misli, ki so jih obiskovalci oddali v določene nabiralnike za leta 2012 v mestu Maribor. .............English: Animation is made of some ideas, sketches, words and thoughts, which were submitted by visitors to certain mailboxes for in the year 2012 in city of Maribor, Slovenia, EU.

Love - Zbiradejnica

This movie is symbolically and realistically presenting the idea and questions about street artists and their payments. This art movie is actually one scene from a long length movie which is still in progress, called "Just because love here is not enough?" made in Berlin by "No budget, Full Spirit Production".

About Street Art Payments

This is a short art movie about an artist and an artwork. It is a symbolic movie speaking about the truth in art which lives for ever.

Playing Time

Hogyan készül a performansz? A film a performanszot megelőző feszültségre koncentrál, mintha az alkotó naplójába nyernénk betekintést. Míg eljutunk a felkészülésen át a „mérkőzésig”, vagyis a performanszig, a néző részese lehet a művész személyes élményeinek.


TV Meditation is a video installation about the suggestive nature of television. The installation consists of two parts. One is an LCD screen, placed on a pedestal, the other one is a pair of glasses. The content of the monitor remains hidden until the viewer puts on the glasses. With the glasses on the viewer can watch a video about a blank screen coming closer to him/her, until the entire screen becomes empty. This video is parto if the installation.

TV Meditation

According to the conventional view on art the artist creates the artwork and exhibits it in a gallery, than the viewer watches the artwork and has some kind of reaction about it. But what if we change the role of the viewer and the artwork? I have created an interactive installation to answer this question. (This video is part of the installation.) When the viewer stands on the pedestal of the installation he or she will become a living statue. The installation automatically detects the person and starts to play a video on a television in front of the viewer. In the video there are people who will watch this person as they were viewers in a gallery.


Made for the six hour film challenge in Aarhus, Denmark. The the topics were: "We buy junk & sell antiques" and "Amazed"

We Are Junk & Sell Antiques

A photographer is fascinated with the concept of time. He captures his self portrait with a big clock and tries to frame moments visually. During this journey he discovers different ambiance and landscapes. Gradually he faces mystery of time and tries to touch the enigmatic moments of life.

I Am Time

Since the day when Art met a simple man, a kind of fanatism never stopped to grow up inside him. Much in the same way, he's going to live the different lovestory's steps, and becomes well-advised to create. Depuis le jour où l'art a croisé le chemin d'un homme banal, une sorte de fanatisme n'a cessé de grandir en lui. Entre folie et schizophrénie, il vivra les différentes étapes amoureuses similaires à celles de l'inspiration. Une claque, un retour à sa réalité, le laissant ébahi par ce que son fanatisme a pu lui faire accomplir. [Décembre 2012]


Chef Opérateur/Cadreur : Aurélien SALLE Acteur/Chef decorateur : Georges GAMTHETY Régisseur : Ruddy HERMANN Assistants Décorateurs : Adam KALFAT & Vincent DELEPLENQUE Machino : Anthony DEMBET Chargées de prod : Jessie & Camille Etalonneur : Louis-Nicolas PIOT Compositeur : Vincent ROUX Maquillage : Odile N'GUESSAN et Celia STOECKEL à la Chaumonerie


An independent shortfilm that portrays contemporary society and its longing for truth. Director's debut. This version of the film has improvements in sound and colour.


A videó a Lásd, amit hallasz című pályázatra készült. Készítette: Erdélyi Mónika és Ferencz Péter Film címe: Öngyilkos Project Film műfaja: burleszk

Öngyilkos Project