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Friss Hús short film festival winners awarded in Budapest! 
Friss Hús 3.0 took place in Budapest between 25-29 March. 33 Hungarian and 15 international short films were screened in the programme of the festival. 
The awarded films are
  • Fanni Szilágyi: End of Puberty (best Hungarian short film)
  • Zsuzsi Kreif – Bori Zétényi: Limbo-Limbo Travel (best Hungarian animation)
  • Daisy Jacobs: The Bigger Picture (best international short film)
  • Péter Lichter: Rimbaud (special mention for an interesting experimenting filmic language)
  • Barbara Ott: Sunny (special mention for the unconventional and fresh portrayal of a well-known situation)
  • Gergő Nagy V.: Strong Chin (best film idea at the first Hungarian pitch forum)
Almost all of the screening rooms were full at the Friss Hús Budapest 3.0. Besides the attention of the Hungarian cinéphiles, the international interest is increasing towards the festival, where all films are screened with English subtitles. 
The Jury members for the Hungarian competition, Tamara Kolaric (film critic, Croatia), Thibaud Bracq (selector of the Premiers Plans film festival) and Gábor Fabricius (film director, writer) chose Fanni Szilágyi’s 13-minute coming-of-age story, End of Puberty as best Hungarian short film. The best Hungarian animation is Limbo-Limbo Travel by Zsuzsi Kreif and Bori Zétényi. "The 17 minute animation entertains with a special and cheeky atmosphere" - said the jury.
Both films received a 500.000 HUF prize, offered by the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority). Péter Lichter’s 21-minute Rimbaud received a special mention "for its interesting, experimenting filmic language". 
The Jury of the international selection (Lili  Horváth Lili, director and writer, Andrea Taschler, producer and Wim Vanacker, producer, director, the head of the European Short Pitch named British director Daisy Jacobs’ work, The Bigger Picture as best international short film. The Jury gave a special mention to Barbara Ott for her film Sunny, "for the fresh and unconventional portrayal of a well known situation".
The first Hungarian pitch forum took place in the framework of Friss Hús. More than 50 film ideas were submitted. Of these, 10 directors had a chance to pitch their film plans in front of the Jury:  Dániel Deák, Balázs Lovas, Ferenc Pusztai, Zsófia Ruttkay, and György Simó.  The event was moderated by Márton Gulyás. The prize of 300,000 HUF was offered by film industry representatives. The award has been named after the young producer Nándor Lovas, who passed away last year. One of the main supporters of the event was Mirage Studio, Nándor Lovas’ company. . 


The submission for Friss Hús 3.0 is now closed!

We received over 500 submitted short films, thank you for your interest in the festival! We will announce the selected programme soon, along with the members of the jury and the ticket prices, so stay tuned!

The festival will be held from the 25-29th of March, in Toldi Cinema, Budapest.

Daazo - the European Shortfilm Centre proudly presents the 3rd edition of the Friss Hús International Shortfilm Festival, which will take place on the 25-29th of March 2015, in Budapest, Hungary. The success of the last two years made it possible for Friss Hús to become one of the most important shortfilm events in Hungary.

The long term plan of the organisers of Friss Hús is to make sure that the event becomes an internationally acclaimed festival where the audience can watch entertaining and colourful short film selections and where the filmmakers can meet important professionals from the film industry as well as attend special workshops.

This year  - because over the last two years we received so many great films - we decided to separate the awards into three sections: Hungarian live fiction, Hungarian animated short film, and international live action&animation.

The awards:

Best Hungarian Live Action Short: 500,000 HUF
Best International Short (live action&animation): 1,000
Best Hungarian Animated Short: 500,000 HUF

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