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Only 4500 black rhinos remain worldwide and are critically endangered. If we can't save the black rhinos, what will be the next species to disappear?

What Will Be the Next Species

Why do we need to care about crocodiles? What is their place in the natural world?

Mazda Crocodile

When the women turn crazy while cleaning...


Random Voices is a series that connects people from different countries to establish a collective interview between all its protagonists. The first season, set in Europe, visits countries spread all around the old continent to find out different realities and perspectives. It has no intention of convincing the audience with any idea or vision, but to give it a real portrait of real people and know how people around the world thinks towards personal issues, far cultures and global subjects.

Random Voices Trailer

A young boy called Luka steps into a timeless world of mishap adventure in a moment of distraction. He's fascinated by anything that flies, and while on his way to do an errand, he catches sight of a balloon in the sky and runs off to follow it. Captivated by the image, he fails to realize he has snagged his over sized orange sweater on an old country gate. A taught orange line of wool is left in his path, which unbeknown to him, in turn creates a domino effect of pure chaos in his wake.



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With a wide variety of genres and styles, Shortz! guarantees non stop entertainment. Big cinematic moments for the small screen coupled with local adaptation for main European countries, Shortz! is promoted on the web & fully available on mobile VOD.

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