Cannes Short Film Highlights 2014

Cannes Short Film Highlights

The Cannes Film Festival is the most famous film festival in the whole world, hands down. Thousands of films compete for industry attention at the Marché du Film every year and if your short is included in the Short Film Corner, you have couple of thousands competitors. So what you need is exclusive exposure. 
Our successful exposure-cradle, the Short Film Highlights is back and the call for films is open. 5,000 copies of the World of Shorts magazine will be dropped in Cannes in May. 
You can get a slot among 40 selected shorts, where you can toss in the poster of your film and contact details. You never know who flips through our wildly popular magazine and you just might just jump start your career! One slot costs only 60 euros.
Your short is at the right place in World of Shorts.
Send your poster to along with the contact details you want to put in the magazine and the PayPal transaction code.
"Regular Stamp" poster: 25 x 35 mm, 300 dpi, in .jpg form.
"1/2 Page Ad": 165 mm x 117 mm, 300 dpi pdf/jpeg/tiff
"1/4 Page Ad: 82 mm x 117 mm, 300 dpi, pdf/jpeg/tiff 
After you’re all set, upload your film to in a password protected mode.
Hurry up, spaces are limited and Cannes is right around the corner!

Step 1: Choose An Ad and Click the Buy Now button!


SFC Highlight - Regular Stamp (60 euro)


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SFC Highlight - 1/4 Page (350 euro)

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SFC Highlight - 1/2 Page (500 euro)


Name of your project?



Step 2: Fill in the application form:


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