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Adnan is driving a grocery van on his way to sell produce at the market. While he is waiting for a friend's phone call, he suspects his loyalty.

Bodily Function

Mirsad's father's village is evacuated due to dam construction. The village will soon be under water. Mirsad arrives from the city intending to move his father's remains from the old village cemetery to a grave in the new village's graveyard.


Ena, a 10 year old girl, who lives with her young mother and grandmother, has a constant urge to eat something sweet, and she never actually gets to eat some, by the end of the day ending up having a different "culinary" experience with her friend Ado who is in the eve of moving to Frankfurt.

Something Sweet

Every day Mirza spends with women. Every day he has to re-visit them and make them all happy. Today, he says goodbye to everybody.

Scenes with Women

The violent clash encounter between a ticket collector and a drunk without a ticket, in the tram, turns into an unexpected possible friendship.

The Ticket Collector

While Marija is set with her boyfriend, her roommate Nikolina is still a virgin. But, after realizing that the social practices have changed, she has to follow her duties and restructure her beliefs.

Smart Girls

Marco wants to teach his son how to protect himself. His son wants his Mom back. Marco’s lover wants to protect herself. Her son Adis, knows how to protect himself! Marco is caught into a situation where he is unable to protect himself or his son. Words and actions work in reverse.


What is the meaning of daring? In a bizarre tango lesson, everyone is dancing, though with no music. They follow the directions of the tango instructor, who leads all the couples towards a more passionate approach to the tango. She urges them to feel it, to imagine the music and the rhythm leading their steps. Ema, one of the students, tries to break this absurd situation for just once and be herself. She does something that may upset the balance of this awkward reality.


Edina is the playful story of a one night stand between a writer and his creature. During their adventures, the writer loses his superpower: he is not able to change the character and the story, and he can't get away from is perfect woman figure any more.


A broken relationship. A weekend in a city of love. A mixture of passion, hate, loneliness and revenge in an attempt to forget the things that hurt and keep the things that make it all count.

Museum of Broken Relationships

“I was always fascinated by the parallel world which exists behind the doors of big shopping malls. It is as if behind those doors everyday human problems do not exist. Yet, as we spend money, we all have to go back, through the same door, back to reality…” A.D.


A young Sarajevo boy is faced with the prospect of earning easy money. When he is confronted with some of the consequences of the trade he is joining, he is forced to make a decision to either continue or to choose a different path.

Woman in Purple

After living in London for 10 years, Meri returns to Sarajevo to sell a house she inheritated. While in town, she meets and catches up with Asja, her ex girlfriend. The two women and their opposing lifestyle choices will soon come in conflict.

Pink River

A girl – while taking a walk through the centre – discovers something very strange about the people of Sarajevo. They seem like lifeless ’zombies’, they only come alive for a few seconds to perform a little scene written down for them. She takes it as a joke first and fools around until she comes across someone with a paper: „Kill her!” written on it.


“Going from the emotion that lied down inside of me back from 2005. and all these magical things which was cast on me by the town of Sarajevo, little story about love and lifewas born…” V.S.

See you in Sarajevo

“In Sarajevo, drinking coffee means much more than just waking up… How hard can sometimes be to relax and just enjoy the prospect around you? This is a story of the spirit of Sarajevo and its simplicity of life. All you need is a cup of coffee and a good company…” N.B.

Sarajevo Spring

In all its beauty, youth can be so naive that we cannot discern the important things... Love is the most wonderful and the most destructive thing in the world, all at the same time...

Orange Blanket

Forgotten old partisan leads a lonely life. His only interests are watching neighbours and sumo. One day something he sees with his WW2 binoculars makes him set out on the last guerilla mission.

Liberation in 26 pictures

Alena, an inhibited, thirty-year old accountant from Sarajevo has a plane to catch in the afternoon to Zurich. Her boss and strict father do everything they can to prevent her from attending a four-month business course. Meanness at the workplace and the cruel secrets of the Balkan war come to the surface while in the meantime Alena bravely struggles to achieve her goal.

Alena's Journey

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