Pitch Page Berlinale 2013

the Pitch Page by Daazo at Berlinale 2013


Pitch Page featured in World of Shorts Magazine

1. What The Pitch Page offers a chance for you to present your next short film project in Daazo’s beautiful World of Shorts magazine, released for the Berlinale 2013. If you are selected, you get an entire page in the magazine: so draw, write, use photos, do whatever that sells your project. Be creative, visual, personal!

2. Why World of Short Magazine quickly became one of the most significant short film magazines. It is released at A-lister film festivals like Cannes, Sarajevo or the Berlinale. The next issue of World of Shorts will be published for the Berlinale 2013 and it will be released in 5000 copies. All short film fans, producers, distributors and guests of the festival will know about you, the Pitch Page will be handed over to the most influential producers and professionals in Europe. The selected project will earn a script&distribution consultation with the founders of Daazo. There will be a live presentation of the project at Daazo’s Young Filmmakers’ Party at the Berlinale. The project will also have a wide online coverage. You can check the previous issues of the World of Shorts magazine here: www.issuu.com/daazo

3. How Create your page and submit it by 06.01.2013. See an example and the requirements here. The editors of WoSH will select the best 7 entries and will publish them in a dedicated section of the magazine. These 7 entries, alongside the other shortlisted film plans, will be also posted to our Facebook page and blog. You can find the entry form below. The submission fee is 20 Euros/submission. So here's what you have to do, step by step:

  1. Pay 20 Euro via PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now button below
  2. Fill out the form below (project title, production company, budget etc.) Don't forget to give us your transaction ID number.
  3. Send us your pitch page image to pitchpage@daazo.com (draw, write, use photos, do whatever that sells your project. Be creative, visual, personal!)
  4. Here are the parameters of the image you should send us: 176 (width) x 250mm (height), 300dpi, CMYK rasterized image, jpeg or pdf
  5. Do all this before 6th of January 2013, midnight CET.
What you get and how the process of the Pitch Page project goes:

The founders of Daazo will choose 7 projects which will be highlighted in World of Shorts magazine - The projects will be presented in the magazine and online as well - There will be a live presentation of the Pitch Pages at Daazo’s Young Filmmakers' Party at the Berlinale - The magazine with the Pitch Page project will be posted to the most influential short film producers in Europe - The chosen projects get script&distribution consultations with the founders of Daazo Are you ready?

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