Diva. Love. Devils.

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Girl, mother, lover - all in the body of a teenager. Maja has to face the responsibility of early motherhood. Being a child herself she can't stand the pressure. Running away from her beloved baby turns out to be her first mature decision.


A night watchman feeling lonely as hell. A hospital darker than usual. A night that will never happen again.



Naked Pact is about the intriguing encounter of a domina-like strip dancer and a man-to-be teenager boy in a sleazy Budapest strip joint, where these two recognise each other from their “civil” life. Can they sign any pact to escape the humiliating exposure?

Naked Pact


"None of us can escape that pit of doom, That grave towards which we surely go."

Funeral Sermon

Police captain Stigár has to face the lies in his own life through interviews of the robbery case that looks like simple at the first time. Final term exam film by Béla Bagota and Dániel Reich.

Side by Side

The main characters of "To love this way" live in relationships, and we join in their story as their love starts to fail. The film shows the events of a single day, when a masseuse arrives to the house and dissolves the blockage in their souls using a special technique. We try to chang the others, sometimes even obsessively, and sometimes we find it is ourself that has changed. To what extent can we be accomodating in a relationship, and is there a point beyond which we give ourselves up?

To Love This Way?


This short film titled LE(F)T would like to make us think about partnerships, or about ourselves. What would you do in a disaffected relationship? How do you act in a problematic situation? You attack? Or you freezed? You brave or shy? Are you able to admit at all?



Diva. Love. Devils. - Bori Péterfy

Bori Péterfy is one of the most popular pop divas in Hungary, her concerts attract huge crowds of fans. The singer started her career as an actress: besides her stage appearances, she has also starred in numerous films and has been awarded for her acting. Here, Daazo.com has collected short films with Bori in the main role.