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“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” is a modern day fairy tale in black and white that tells the story of a man (Eamon) who never shed a tear in his life. Having watched other people cry, he realises that he is different than everybody else. Eamon is fascinated by people who are able to show their emotions and doesn’t just record them crying with his camera, but also collects their tears in test tubes. When he meets Emily, a young woman who can’t stop crying, he overcomes his shyness and invites her to stay with him. Two strangers, who couldn’t be more different from each other, share an intense time together that changes their lives forever.

"The Man Who Couldn't Cry" (Trailer)

“Two Strangers, one Secret, a lot to lose” Paloma shares a dark secret with Stephen that she uses to play with him according to her rules. Torn in between being attracted and scared of him, she starts following him everywhere he goes, trying to find out more about him and his secret. “Like A Summer Sonata” consists of four different parts that are named after the classical structure of a Sonata. The black and white element makes it a timeless and surreal modern- day fairytale with an open ending in which several moral questions are being asked.

"Like A Summer Sonata" (Trailer)

LOLA likes to get into cars with strangers- to get away, to take the risk and do something unexpected, dangerous and exciting. Every time Lola meets someone new, she makes up a story and identity, but most of the time, she calls herself “Lola” and tells them that she wants to see the sea. Hitchhiking has become her hobby and taking a risk her passion until one day someone makes her see herself in a different light. (This film is also available with German, Spanish and Italian subtitles)

"Lola wants to see the sea" (Trailer)


Age: 36
Skills: Acting, Writing, Directing, Editing

Natalie MacMahon gained her first film experiences as an actress at a young age. After her studies at a Film Acting School in Berlin, she started writing her first script for the short film “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”, which has been screened at numerous international film festivals, followed by her film noir style short films "Like A Summer Sonata" and "Lola wants to see the sea, which were equally successful. In 2017, Natalie released "It's getting darker every day", a dark sci-fi drama set in the future, as well as her melancholic Esperanto short "A Universal Love Story". The young director just finished her sci-fi genre mix "The Redhead" and has started working on her first feature film script.

Directors Filmography:
"The Redhead" (Short Film, 2017)
"A Universal Love Story" (Short Film, 2017)
"It's getting darker every day" (Short Film, 2017)
"Senses" (Mini Web series, 2016)
"Lola wants to see the sea" (Short Film 2016)
“Like A Summer Sonata” (Short Film, 2016)
“The Man Who Couldn't Cry” (Short Film, 2015)
“ The Secret of Berlin” (Web Series, 2015)

2018: Finalist Best Short at "Alternative Film Festival" for "The Redhead"
2018: Award "Best Cast" at "Alternative Film Festival" for "The Redhead"
2018: Nominee Best Fantasy Short at "Genre Celebration Film Festival" for "A Universal Love Story"
2017: Best Short Film Award at the "LA Film Crash Film Festival" for "A Universal Love Story"
2017: Silver Award- North American Film Awards- "It's getting darker every day"
2017: Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017- Award of distinction for "It's getting darker every day"
2017: Best Film Award at "Warsaw Independent Film Festival" for "Like A Summer Sonata"
2017: Headline International Film Festival- Award of Merit for "A Universal Love Story"
2017: Silver Award Winner at the "Spotlight Shortfilm Awards" for "It's getting darker every day"
2017: Finalist at the "Influx Magazine Film Awards" for "It's getting darker every day"
2017: Best Web Short Award for "Senses" at the "Woodengate Film Festival"
2017: Alternative Film Festival- Nomination "Best Director"- "Lola wants to see the sea"
2017: Nomination Best Web Short for "Senses" at the Transylvania Cinema Awards
2017: Largo Film Awards Award for Best Editing+ Best Photography for "The Strangest Thing"
2016: Nomination Best Short Film, Charly Chaplin Award, Honorable Mention Certificate at the "Blow-Up Arthouse International Film Festival for "Like A Summer Sonata"
2016: Nomination at the "European Independent Film Award" for "Like A Summer Sonata"
2016: Best Drama Award at the " North American Film Awards" for "Lola wants to see the sea"
2016: "Honorary Mention"- Largo Film Awards for "Senses"
2016: Nomination “Indie Spirit Award” at the “Melbourne Indie Film Festival” for “Like A Summer Sonata”
2016: "Award of Merit" for "Like A Summer Sonata" at the "Headline International Film Festival"
2016: "Extra Mile Award" Nomination for "Lola wants to see the sea" at the "Sydney Indie Film Festival"
2016: Nomination "Best Web Short" at "Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest" for "The Secret of Berlin"
2016: "Best Web Series" Award at the "Direct Monthly Online Film Festival" for "The Secret of Berlin"
2016: "Genre Celebration Festival" Nomination "Best Drama" for "The Man Who Couldn't Cry"
2016: "Best Director" Nomination at the "Top Indie Film Awards" for "The Man Who Couldn't Cry"
2016: "Top Indie Film Awards" Nomination as "Best Short" for "The Man Who Couldn't Cry"
2016: Honorable Mention at the “Amarcord Arthouse Television and Video Festival” for “The Secret of Berlin”
2016: "Best Web Series" Award at TOFF Film Festival for "The Secret of Berlin"
2016: "The Man Who Couldn't Cry" - Special Mention at Snowdance Film Festival
2015: "The Man Who Couldn't Cry" - Special Mention at Canada Short Film Festival
2015: "The Man Who Couldn't Cry"- "Best of Festival" Award at the "Texas Ultimate Shorts Festival"
2015: Nomination Best Female Lead at Sydney Indie Film Fest (Film "The Man Who Couldn't Cry")

Chubbuck Technique & Acting in Crime/Thriller
with Elisabet Sevholt (2016)

Sigrid Andersson Acting Training/ Character Development

Acting Training with Acting Coach Kristiane Kupfer
2012-2013 ‘One On One’ Coaching

Mel Churcher`s “The Actor’s Toybox” Workshop

Casting Workshop with Nancy Bishop & Maureen Duff

Mel Churcher’s “Realising your power on screen” Workshop

Film Acting Training with Peter Kelley (Boston, USA)

Film Acting School Berlin
2006-2008 Full Time Program/ Graduated in 2008

Voice Training:

Singing Lessons with Speech Level Singing Coach Celia Miller

Singing Lessons with Vocal Coach Danny Igel

Speech Training with Susanne Eggert, Ullrich Radoy


Long Distance Learning Studies as a Certified Interpreter & Translator- Akad University

Spanish Lessons at Instituto Cervantes

French Lessons at Institut Francais

Italian classes at Italian Institute Berlin

Icelandic classes at Sprachatelier Berlin

Spanish Correspondence Course (ILS Academy)
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