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A man is in a relation with a girl much younger than him. His ex-wife destroys the relation by her wickedness.It is a story of a conflict of the ages: who takes the position of who; and why it is so hard to accept the time who's passing us by, the joy and cheerfulness of the people of our past?

The four windows loneliness.

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Magdalena Korpas is a film and stage actress based in Paris and born in Gdansk, Poland.

Magdalena’s work has been screened at the Cannes Festival and shown at other international venues. She has acted in feature and short films as well as in commercials, music video clips and plays.

In 2012, Magdalena was the protagonist and co-director of the film “Soixante-dix” that was screened at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.

Magdalena has acted in two feature films, playing a ghetto girl in Djamel Bensalah’s "Beur sur la ville", and the Hungarian girl Zorika in Caroline Huppert's "Pour Djamila." She worked in several short films including "Les droits du sang verse" by Alexandre Donot as a journalist and was the protagonist of "Asleep" by David Dang. Magdalena also made commercials for Evian, Camembert Le Petit, and Optic2000. She acted in several plays including "Les squatteurs" with EVE Company, and others at The Polish Theater under the direction of Monique Stalens as well as in music videos for the bands TOOOD, Faith and Didai.

Magdalena has also been an MC for the Parisian experimental performance festival Dimanche Rouge with monthly editions at Divan du Monde.

Magdalena has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from the Sorbonne University, where she is currently pursuing a Master’s in the same field. She also holds a BA in Philosophy from the Polish Institute of Philosophy in Paris. Magdalena has studied at several other institutions including the Studio Pygmalion School and the Compagnie Le Vélo Volé School directed by François Ha Van. She also pursued special classes such as the Shakespeare Acting Method, the Stanislavski Method taught by François Clavier, the Cours du Corps a L'âme" by Nirupama Nityanandan, and the workshop L'atelier Théâtre by Monique Stalens, to name a few.

Magdalena speaks Polish (native), French and English.

August 17, 2012
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