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Unheard stories of Armenians living in different cities of Europe, who all had Istanbul as a crossroad in their lives.

Side by Side

A short, light hearted insight into the world of multilingual couples in Europe. The film follows six couples from across southern Europe into their worlds of language and love.

Do You Really Love Me?

In a loud world among noisy people there are some of us who use their hands to communicate. Serbian and Croatian deaf people sign about their dreams and fears, the feelings about their world and how they interact with their hearing friends, partners and family. A sensitive documentary about a community which shouts for understanding and integration.

Listen to me

POLIGRAD is a vision of the City resulting from the synthesis made in the mind of a traveller by his focused itinerary through several Eastern European cities.


Mark Hucko dedicated his life to the invention of a new language with which he hoped to unite all Slav people. He claims his Slovio, ‘a Slavic esperanto’, can be innately understood by some 400 million people ‘from the Baltic to the Balkans and the borders of Finland to those of Japan. Say Hello in Slovio travels through this divided territory to test his incredible claim and finds a world not quite ready to run with his utopian dream.

Say Hello in Slovio

1001 Days follows the immense popularity of the Turkish soap opera ‘1001 nights’ throughout the Balkans. This film focuses on hardcore fans met on the road between Zagreb and Istanbul. To which level can a fiction transform people’s reality?

1001 Days

Martha is a young woman that makes her living by performing as a street artist in Vienna. She spends a lot of time crafting her vintage tricks, putting on make up and travelling to the place she likes to perform. Even though the money she earns is not enough to make a good living, she transmits her love of the circus art to her small son Leilo.


Love in Europe is multilingual, it doesn’t know any rule or any border. When you are in love with a foreigner, when you live with someone who has no papers, when the state tries to destroy your love, what should you do?

Love in Transit

“What defines me is the fact that I was born in two countries, two or three languages, and several cultural traditions. Would I be more authentic if I cut off a part of myself?”

I Am Not Here

A film about seeing tourists and about being tourists.

Hop on Hop off

Lost in Train Station is a story of accidental encounters in a space where meeting a stranger is almost impossible. From Stockholm to Bucharest, a gallery of characters in local train stations pass by. They stop for a minute, trying to make some human connection. Who are they? What are they looking for? Will they succeed to meet someone?

Lost in Train Station

A turkish traditional song travels all across Europe to Istanbul, crossing boundaries of language and culture, uniting people of different backgrounds.

High High Mountains

Is it possible to define Love with images? From Tallinn to Istanbul, a 'structureless' documentary: a collection of memories and traces, pieces of a colourful mosaic, recalling the most important steps of my own sentimental-education.

Bachelor Party

Put on your dancing shoes and pilot your spaceship into morning. A fortune teller reads the DJ’s future in a coffee cup. Some crazy dog like hell is how it feels to live without love. You should be dancing, after tonight it’s all over.

You Can't Hide Love from Gypsies

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