Impossible Film Contest 2012

Submission is closed now!
DL | 2012-07-18 12:56:06
I think that any contest should abort the idea to trust the internet audience to choose a winner. Most of times, the audience winner is the one who has the biggest network and it is unfair. Take the example of a filmmaker who doesn't have a facebook account: he can't win, even if his film is a prodigy (I absolutely not talking about my own entry. I've seen better films than mine, in my opinion, on this contest). I've seen the film on the top (with more votes and views). And it is an amateur film which has nothing special. This is the reason why I am writing this comment. Your contest is not the only one who has this problem. Almost every internet contest make an amateur film a winner because of social reasons. It is absolutely unfair. It can't be controlled. And the film on the top proves that. Best. Daniel.
DL | 2012-07-16 16:17:48
Two year later... :)
DaazoFilms Europe | 2012-07-05 10:18:38
The final decision of our Impossible Film Contest winners will be announced very soon: please stay tuned! This year's competition has been a really strong one, with nearly 100 films submitted and a huge number of powerful and great films in competition. Until the final decision, watch the films here: Thanks a lot for your patience!
Ezüst Koppány | 2012-07-03 11:59:47
Aleksandr Rachynskyi | 2012-07-03 11:05:25
Monday 2nd July,eh?
Aleksandr Rachynskyi | 2012-07-03 11:05:21
Monday 2nd July,eh?
DaazoFilms Europe | 2012-06-20 09:56:04
The call for films for the Impossible Film Contest 2012 ended last Monday. Now it’s our turn to choose the best film, which wins the GO PRO HD camera. Also, shake up your friends to collect the Daazo LIKES in order to win a participation at a Raindance course. We close the online audience vote on Sunday 1st July midnight C.E.T. We will announce the winners on Monday 2nd July!
DaazoFilms Europe | 2012-06-15 09:29:10
Please note that the deadline has been extended until Monday 18th June, midnight CET.
Nikolay Zyryanov | 2012-05-25 13:04:38
Great project for those who cannot come to Cannes! Thank you of us all :)

Impossible film contest 2012

Impossible is a mission for a filmmaker! Win a GoPro HD camera or a Raindance course! The deadline has been extended until Monday 18th June, midnight CET.

"A classic romantic silent movie, in which a cleaning lady of a 1920s theatre finds herself accidentally fulfilling her two most deepest desires." This short film was completely written, filmed and edited in just one weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project Amsterdam 2012.
Örkény István: JELENSÉG Egy parafa dugó, mely semmiben sem különbözött a többi parafa dugótól (Hirt G. Sándornak mondta magát, de mit jelent egy név? Egy név semmit se jelent), beleesett a vízbe. Egy ideig, amint az várható volt, úszott a víz színén, aztán különös dolog történt. Lassan merülni kezdett, lesüllyedt a fenékre, és nem jött föl többé. Magyarázat nincs. Zene: Horváth Bence Alkotók: Erdős Emese, Lengyel Lívia Mandragóra társulat
This is our film submitted to "One Minute, One Story - the Örkény Contest" contest. A film Örkény "Vallomás" és "Egy meghasonlott tulipán" című novellái alapján készült. Készítette Császár Andrea Mária és Rónási Márton.