Fliegauf Shorts

Fliegauf Shorts - a hypnotic experience

Bence Fliegauf is a Hungarian writer and director who is proud of the fact that he never attended any film schools. As an assistant director for television he continued on the path towards directing, screenwriting, set design and sound engineering. His first feature, Forest, was a nearly no-budget film and was selected to the Berlinale - its international success opened the way for him to bigger productions until his recent movie Just the Wind won the Jury Grand Prix at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012. The film has been selected as the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards and is one of the films nominated for the prestigious LUX Prize, awarded by the European Parliament. On the occasion of this nomination, Daazo.com proudly presents the director’s early works: Hypnos (2001), The Line (2004) and Trance (2005).

„Those who look closely at the mountains can see them undulate like the waves of the sea.” - The Vedic Scriptures An unusual experiment in attempting to document the ecstasy of an age.
What happens to children whose parents forget to pick them up from school?
Regressive group hypnosis makes it possible for us to journey back into our childhood. Generally, we find ourselves in a naive and innocent world: huge spaces, strange smells, giant grown-ups. It is, however, not entirely without danger to walk amongst buried memories. Few people can figure out exactly what happened to them in the past. Is the best solution to continue to grope in the dark?