Sin City

Zoltán Bogdán
Mar 30, 2013

Video clip for a song: "Sin City" by Schmidt. Modells: Linda Platz, Krisztina Taray. 2011 Budapest.

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Anime and Animation
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Edward is based on „The Bards of Wales” by János Arany in 1857. This poem has been written after a fallen revolution and war of independence in Hungary. Story: King Edward takes part on a feast. He demands local bards to sing about his greatness but they sing about Edward’s cruel atrocities. Edward sends them the burning stake. After this action Edward runs back to his home but he can’t enjoy himself. The sense of guilt drives him mad.
"Death of a bottle" by István Örkény is the short story that I attached to this video. It talks about a normal bottle of soda "dying", but when somebody tries to forget about this object and think something else, he can realize this story's meaning is more than just a story of fracturing bottle. It talks about the dying "average, ignored, unimportant, poor" people! Well, the main part of mankind is in this "class"... You might think there are very famous buildings-parlaments, bridges, statues, but when they are dying it's just the same as a bungalow looses it's briks and beams and start to collapse.
„Downside-Up-Sidedown” as if it turned upside down itself. Keep going from town to town, from girls to girls, just running-falling-rolling and again running-falling-rolling and again... The end of the road maybe a beginning of another.
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