Dogs in Space - 2009

Jun 27, 2010

An answer to this absurd question is ecranized by a short film Dogs in Space. A visual patchwork is a space-dogs' commentary of the late human race given in future after moles have taken over our planet, illustrated by the last day of a lonely woman, desperately and secretly in love with her Chinese food delivery man. The climax of her day becomes only a minor personal tragedy whereas the world is synchronously embraced by the catastrophe of the biggest format … Film work, which is sailing between feature film and animation, is made by a prospective Estonian master of moving pictures Ekke Vasli. A visual collage was complemented by Slovenian crew and realized by a superior cast with a widely popular Slovenian-French film actress Inti Šraj and a famous Slovenian stand-up comedian Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama. The film functions as a dynamic porridge of different styles and ideas which are creating an appealing visual hybrid. The time and geographical parallels are emphasized by switching from animation to feature film and from Slovene to English language, whereas dogs’ point of view is reflected in a lower position of the camera and blue and yellow setting which symbolizes dogs’ limited vision. Discreet references to the second world wall and the Berlin wall frame a personal story into the broader social and political context and introduces a sharp social criticism. Another stone in the film mosaic is also a wide collection of 400 photos of people holding their noses. People from all continents were united in this online guerilla action which proudly carries the message of the competition – crossing the boundaries.

Ekke Vasli , Pina Sadar


Pina Sadar, Ekke Vasli


Country of origin: Estonia
Categories: Art
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