An Oral Fixation

Kevin Gaffney
Apr 5, 2013

An Oral Fixation explores the visual prostitution of three female characters, performed by Gaffney, and was filmed in a haunted park-keeper’s lodge. The main character, with a black plastic masked face, plays a ouija board as the two other characters appear as apparitions/hallucinations of his own sexual hysteria. “An Oral Fixation was the boldest and most accomplished entry [to the London Short Film Festival Low-Budget section], striking an intoxicating and often surrealist note somewhere between Matthew Barney, David Lynch & Gasper Noe.” - Adam Woodward, magazine editor at Little White Lies, 2012. This is your film submitted to "World of Shorts Film Contest" contest.

Kevin Gaffney


London Short Film Festival
Best Low Budget Short
Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists
Honorary Mention
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Categories: Experimental
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