Sputnik - 2010

Cristina Groşan
Dec 4, 2011

"Single, in my thirties, successful man, not looking for anybody."

Stefan Statnic


Oana Halmagean

Girl 1

Cornelia Gaie

Girl 2

Andreea Lavinia Onuta

Girl 3

Isabela Rabotka

Girl 4

Cecilia Donat

Girl 5/Her

Reykjavik Film Festival
Stone Film Festival
Special Mention for Best Fiction Film
Country of origin: Romania
Categories: Comedy Experimental
Cristina Groşan | 2013-04-03 13:46:29
I will put that on my gave, Ioana! :P
Ioana Mischie | 2013-04-02 21:22:46
I wanted to watch this short for such a long time and I am really happy I found it here :) high concept, well-chosen casting for the main role, touching cinematography and soft humor. a mesmerizing short fragment of cinema
Grzegorz | 2011-12-30 11:03:54
Thank You for your kind words:)
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