Love Kitchen

Ildikó Légrádi
Nov 30, -1

LOVE KITCHEN book review Published in March 2015. Gastronomy and Love,... It is marvelous, ineffable, mysterious, and utterly beyond words. If you feel it, you will instantly recognize it for what it is. It is something that bowls you over, captivates you, casts a spell on you and won’t let go. Liberation, flight, fall, trust, abandon, goose bumps, desire, passion, intimacy, mirth, folly, fun, and laughter — It is all of these things. And when you are in it, the world will change around you. The sun rises in a different way, everybody is smiling. You go about your business with joy, although prone to periods of distraction. Whatever you do, you catch yourself thinking of that same person again and again. Everything seems finer and more beautiful; all colors and scents take on an unusual intensity. Your heart is pounding away, you feel pleasantly dizzy and full of energy, even though you hardly grab a bite to eat and sleep very short hours. It varies in its exact emotional charge from person to person, but it still means one and the same thing for all of us. This something which is impossible to contain a single word, yet we do it all the same, is none other than LOVE! No happy love really has a story. When you are in it, you are simply where you have to be, with the one you have always wanted. You are kept from seeking anything else by the overwhelming certitude that you have found a true home that you both occupy and provide. The process of the single becoming a couple, of the odd turning into an even number, is a beautiful one that makes the world round and makes you connect with that wholeness. Love cannot be sought, only found. Impervious to volition and coercion, it is a feeling that moves into your heart, taking you for a spin only to carry you completely away. Love is blind to age, gender, nationality, skin color, social status, and financial situation. Cupid’s arrow will connect with any target, be it a teen, a youth, a mature adult, or someone well along in years. Love cannot be understood, nor explained. We never know when, where or why it will strike, any more than we are able to predict when it will slip away, yet all of us believe in it and in our ability to keep it alive. It may well last forever, as long as the parties share a mutual understanding, will, awareness, and a readiness to always rekindle and nurture that old flame... …But never, ever forget that pinch of spice to spruce it up!!! Love Kitchen — by Ildiko Legradi

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Romance
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