Me, you,nobody else

Milena Kaleva
Apr 8, 2013

If you find your best friend, you have found yourself... Some people don't succeed in finding themselves. They suffer of autism and the impossibility of creating normal relations deprives them of cognition of one of the biggest mysteries - friendship. Ivo is a 16-years old boy with diagnosis of Asperger syndrome -- disfunction of development of autistic specter. Incapable to adapt to surrounding world Ivo often falls a victim to aggression and misunderstanding of his coevals. After the consecutive accident at school when Ivo has got lost and has been found in helpless condition, his mother takes him to hippotherapy. There he meets Darcy -- a mare, trained to work with children, raising problems. Their meeting and their relations will change Ivo's life.

Ivo Atanasov


Boria Banovski


Milena Kancheva

The mother

Sofia Ryhova

The girl

Kiril Palikarski

Director of Photography

Tania Ilcheva


Best bulgarian short film at Early bird international film festival 2010
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Categories: Drama
Hashtags: short  fiction  boy  autism  hourse  disable  Asperger 
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