RAINBOWS; tryptique Consonances color dances - 2011

Oct 10, 2011

Nora de Saint Picman and Vrtec pod Gradom: CONSONANCES – COLOUR DANCES Intramedia installation of paintings, video projections Kasemate, Ljubljana castle, from 26. 7. to 11. 9. 2011. The common project of an intramedia artist Nora de Saint Picman, painter, sculptor, video artist, who developed her creative line between Ljubljana and Paris, and children from Vrtec pod Gradom, all diferent ages inclusive. (Enota Poljane, Dislocirani oddelek Poljanska cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana). All those videos are combining actual project of children fropm kindergarten painting act (Ljubljana) with past little elements from my own chlildren playing in Paris. » The idea of a project Color dances came to my mind the very first time, when I brought the son, little Aron Raphael, to Vrtec. At the entrance, on the terrasse fasade, grey flower boxes really called for some creative color intervention. Idea, firstly presented to the madame Cvetka Cimerman, Aron's teacher, was warmly accepted, and consequently supported by Vrtec director, madame mag. Dragica Kraljič. Cvetka suggested also a thematic starting point – multicolored flowers, blossoming in the spring, and we started to work, with the assistance of the entire pedagogic team. The project was accomplished within seven morning meetings, during one year about. Paintings was partly donated to the sponsors of Vrtec, as well as to the mister Zoran Jankovič, head of the City of Ljubljana. With a great help of madame Mateja Avbelj Valentan, mother of a little girl Nikki and acting director of Ljubljana castle and madame Tatjana Pinoza, exhibition was shown in Casemate. Project Consonances-color dances was expanded into several levels; presenting also documentary photos of children in a process of creation as well as during one morning educative activities, of a mister Tadej Smogavec, father of a little girl Eva from a group Sunnys. Video projections are combining documentary records of creative process of big common paintings, ( 6 x 4m, 2 x 4m, several wooden panels, placed on the illumination bancs...), children comments, photos, musical performances, improvisations of my children, (Adrian Samuel - saxophone, Marguerite Voulissa, violoncelle) and mines sur piano, parts of music, listened during creative performance ( Couperin, Dvořak, Italian arias...), works of composer Janez Maticic, poetical texts...But the portraits of children , comparing to the aestetically purified project Dessine-toi/ Draw yourself of french filmmaker Gilles Porte, do not accentuate black-and-white drawings nither priorize psychological aspect of linear creation, but emphasizes the contact of a child with the very painterly concieved colour matter. May be, we can citate, in this context, the common starting point, which was several times taken by authors of modern paintings: » I needed a whole life to learn to do painting like a child«. / Pablo Picasso/ »...children made groups at their own will, mostly in pairs; we have basic colours, red, yellow, blue, which are consequently completed with a second triade, mixed by white..( green, violet...). While coming to te conclusion point, the black colour traces eventual drawing into the fresh colour combinations. We start with the motive of their own choice – a flower, house, landscape, car, with their prior colour, to which others are matching. As the elder children conserve their basic drawing more or less, the youngest are mainly absorbed in the process of painting, color application, gesticulation, color combinations, so they are closer to the process of painting in the abstract and absolute sense by definition and less involved to the mimetical rassemblance to reality. Every meeting is defined also by listening to certain music, which structures the result as well. Materials used are colors for the exterior building walls. » Installation was completed by some of my ancient videos ( Fluctuations- four seasons) , managed with a program Noraaron9, as created by an exterior collaborator of Avitel company, mister Boštjan Nagode, polyester sculptures ( Priestesses) - a group of woman meditators. Opening performance included dance performance of madame Céline Louis, somatic movement educator, and author ( voice, synthesizer.)

Nora de Saint Picman




Country of origin: Slovenia
Categories: Documentary Fantasy
Nora De Saint Picman | 2011-11-14 14:38:03
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