Jávorka - 2008

Dec 27, 2008

A Hungarian aristocrat man, Sir Vatta builds up curiosity of the strange romance between a younger peasant Javorka, and an also upper class lady Marianne. He visits Javorka a few times in order to figure out the guy's philosophy that captured Marianne's hart and soul so badly that she over looks the social barrier between her and her lover. Sir Vatta discovers a few more than strange behaviors in Javorka's everyday life, some of which he shares with the lady on his various visits between the unusual couple. Will Sir Vatta find the way to solve the entangled mystery of ones bound to another, or instead him self might change in the process? Meet our unusual characters from the dawn of the 20th century and get drawn in to their enchanted realities, snatched out from a novel by the famous Hungarian writer Bela Hamvas, known for his extraordinary writing style which takes his audience to an unknown dimension of the living philosophy.

András Ötvös


Vince Gál Zrinyi

Sir Vatta

Zsófia Prosek


Gabor Kukucska


Gabor Kukucska


Gabor Kukucska

Director of Photography

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Art Drama
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