Where The Sum Doesn't Rush

DaazoFilms Europe
Mar 10, 2013

Places like this are scarce. Time in this mountain village in Slovakia goes by with its own lazy rhythm. Its blissful tranquillity is occasionally interrupted by the announcements of the Funeral Society on the local radio. They are sometimes accompanied with up-tempo folk music. Nearly every inhabitant of the village is elderly, and all the while, more and more space is taken up at the local cemetery. We pry into the lives of the remaining inhabitants in their daily house work, their toil on the farms and at the local inn, where they sojourn long hours. The camera adjusts to the rhythm of their lives, it takes in the fabulous landscapes and studies the picturesque details of a slowly waning world. This modest film by Bobrik manages to merge documentary attentiveness with warm, and at times sarcastic microscopic observation.

Matej Bobrik


Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
Hashtags: polish shorts 
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