What The Doctors Say

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Mar 10, 2013

Who is the young doctor from the transplant ward? Is she the ‘benevolent spirit of transplantations’ or a cold professional doing her job without any sign of emotion? We follow her daily routine as she diagnoses cause of death and saves the lives of other patients through organ transplants. In the course of her work, split-second decisions must be made and there is all too often little time for subtle divagations. However, one day the doctor has to face the ordeal of meeting the mother of a tragically deceased girl. With almost para-documentary insight, the director looks at the hospital reality, where next to hard scientific facts there is the less complicated space of interpersonal tensions and emotions that are hard to express in words. Without superfluous speech, operating through the power of images and the actors’ expressiveness, Wnuk tells a story of people who are responsible for other people’s lives, but who also feel morally obliged to care of those who lost their nearest.

Michał Wnuk


Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
Hashtags: polish shorts 
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