Predestined (Elboronálva) trailer - 2006

Sep 19, 2007

Struggle against loneliness and despondency. To give up or to live on? A story about two lonesome old men fighting for survival while lost in the Hungarian Plain's boondocks.The protagonists of this documentary – 76 year old Ilona Hevesi, and 86 year old János Földvári Nagy – gave us the chance to follow their everyday lives, troubles, fears and – what they were unfortunately short of – happinness. Through their life anyone can facet he desperate decline of the Hungarian boondocks. Fortitude and caducity: that is how we can characterize our everyday heros. This old woman and man se than example with their endurance, desperation and loneliness for all of us. Their story could have had a better outcome. Maybe, they should not have stayes by themselves. Or has ii been already predestined?

as herself

Hevesi Ilona

as himself

János Földvári Nagy

Barbara Vági and Csaba Talán


Barbara Vági


Csaba Talán

Director of Photography

Félix Lajkó


Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Documentary
Predestined | 2007-09-25 09:02:25
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