The Rabbi - 2007

Dec 4, 2007

Jonny is a compulsive liar, has been all his life. From claiming Spielberg and Madonna as acquaintances to begging for money, his life is one big lie. But when he picks up a hat and is mistakenly spotted as a Rabbi, Jonny is launched into the spotlight as a crime fighting, guitar playing, award winning Rabbi with the world at his feet. At the height of his success though, what will the future hold for 'Rabbi' Jonny, when he pisses off the the evil Rabbi Green at a gerfilte fish eating competition?

Simon Pinkus

Jonny "The Rabbi"

Tzvi Katz

Baby Jonny

Amanda Korc

Jonny's Mother

Sarah Devi Giubilini

Date 1

Kandice Morris

Date 2

Michelle Webber

Car Jacker

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Categories: Comedy
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