Coffee and Cigarettes (The Chase) - 2007

Jul 21, 2008

A short silent feature film.

Miro Manojlovic

The person being chased

Igor Bezinovic


Igor Bezinovic


Daniel Ruljancic

Director of Photography

Tigrova Mast


(silent film)


Country of origin: Croatia
Categories: Action
yiannisz | 2008-08-07 15:46:14
AZAdigitalCINEMAfestival 2008 The second international short-film festival of our city, the AZAdigitalCINEMAfestival will take place on September 25,26,27 2008 at the OLYMPION cinema in Thessaloniki, Greece and will be part of the prestigious 43rd DIMITRIA Arts Festival of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the second biggest arts festival in Greece. A selection of the impressive best short-films from the first AZAdigitalcinemafestival 2007 were shown at "special" screenings at the LISBON FILM Festival in Lisbon and Porto, in Athens and Thessaloniki at the Art Hall of IANOS bookshops and the FILM ACADEMY in Belgrade, Serbia. Films can be shot on any digital camera up to 15min, but we are flexible for films of exceptional quality! Films shot with cell-phones are especially welcome! Deadline for submissions is Sept. 15, 2008 on DVD to: AZA cinema club 5, p.p.germanou st., Thessaloniki 54622 Greece Please write for details: Phone: +30 2310 284748 +30 6944 207007 Submission form at This year's films will be even more impressive, from Brazil to Australia, all over Europe, with special screenings for Balkan & Basque cinema, and more to be announced later, revealing new talented directors, while at the same time offer again the city's demanding cinephiles a very special cinematic fiesta. Yiannis Zachopoulos Festival Director
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