Moon River (étude) - 2010

Mar 13, 2010

An intuitive film, all the way from recording to the choice of music and montage, with an interpretation that can go like this: The moon and the two leafs clinging together on a naked branch are the anchor of the story...or maybe blind spots that dissolve its security, depending on if we see them as emblems of romantic ideals or just things of language reality that is settled in our cultural archetypical experience. Are they relicts of aeds, troubadours and romantics, that now days levitate lazy as pure images, forever in us…can we not validate them as such? The music and the picture try to follow each other synesthesicaly: in a polyphonic structure, two music sets are interweaving and competing which one will be closer to us. Various voices tell the same story, and in the last section, the (un)wanted metaphor of polyphony is realized. The jazz version obstructs, deconstructs, fits in and looses itself in the sung melodies – romance is fiction, improvisation, a thing of communication: necessarily unreal and subconsciously undermined from the very beginning; the beginning holds the seed of its end. All further interpretation are needless, subsequent and welcome, so I invite to ignore what is said here and watch the movie.

Nino Kovačić


various artists


Country of origin: Croatia
Categories: Experimental Art
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