Silent Pages - 2008

Nov 24, 2008

An experimental Silent pages is subject to the loneliness in life and human relations. When human feels loosing his soul by the everyday circuit of life. There is no way out from that unknown dreariness. our individuality starts to think and see. Might be not on the expected way or not as we did it in a happier period. the unpredictable mood of human nature has a major influence on our relations to each other. sometimes we shine, sometimes we bring out the devil from ourselves. But we are still the same. With shiny and dark side. Maybe our environment makes us being who we really are. How do we know that we are in the right environment? How do we know that we are good enough for ourselves for others around us?

Balázs Goda


Anna Szekeres


Ákos Tompos


Bence Mágócsy

chess player

Gergely Péter

friend #1

Balázs Bognár

friend #2

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Art Experimental
Dániel Deák | 2008-11-24 23:07:21
Congratulations - lots of work in it! I liked especially the editing, you have many good ideas. I know it's experimental, though you could have concentrate a bit more on storytelling; sometimes I had the feeling, that you wanted to say too much - less would be more! Anyway, carry on filming! ;)
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