Rehearsal set of "The Dog Catcher", production support by Wajda Studio

Daria Woszek
Jan 5, 2014

The Dog Catcher” tells a story of a man, who kidnaps dogs for ransom and plies his own brand of emotional terrorism. He meticulously plans each kidnapping and deprives whole families of their beloved pets (who are often their true friends and lifelong companions). In our culture, a dog is an icon of fidelity and true friendship. My main character benefits from this state of things – he’s the eponymous Dog Catcher. He cynically uses the emotional bonds between the owners and their dogs: he kidnaps the latter in order to feel the fleeting gratitude and glory once he delivers the dogs to their owners. „The Dog Catcher” is a story of a reversal of fortune; a parable of sorts.

Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Drama
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