Physical Education

Animation „Physical Education” shows adolescent boys during lesson of PE in school – the main idea of the form in this animation was to disuse the typical for animated movies tricks or methods – there's no metamorphosis, blending frames or unreal episodes – shortly, I wanted to make an animation like it was recorded by camera and to make it looks like documentary movie; in making animation there's no borders, it is very easy to do „everything” - with the limits like it was recorded by a cam I resisted to temptation to, so typical for animation, allow my imagination to run wild. The story in this movie shows boys while they are having a PE lesson – they are doing their exercies, but they are not really hardworking, they looked a little bored, clumsy, don't really know what to do with themeselves. Everything is in yellowy-creamy watered down colours. Sometimes it is possible to see little injuries or bruises on their bodies. Metaphorically it's a movie about adolescence which is for me a mix of boredom, inseciurity and waiting. Little bruises on the boy's bodies could happen during the exercies, but it can be also read like a bashful stigmas of growing up, changes which are visible for the judgmental environment I used sport lesson for a background for adolescence problem, because PE lessons can show perfectly inseciurity of ourselves which is mounted by ordered exercies and commands. Important is also title – polish title should be literally translated in „ physically nurturing” - exactly how this lesson is called in polish schools and it can be also understands like „ physical subdue ”.

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