Life is life

Martin Brož
Mar 16, 2012

This short animated film tells a story about three people living on the edge of society, perceiving their own problems while not apprehending the real hardships of human life, even if it's right in front of them. Its also story about humanism, honesty, kindness and fair reward. Short animated film Director: Martin Brož Animation and 3D modeling: Martin Brož Music: Martin Brož Editing: Jan Šajbidor, Martin Brož Produced by: VOŠ Hollarka Acknowledgments: MgA. Jan Šajbidor Jan Brukner Mgr. Libuše Gemrotová Prudíková MgA. Markéta Urbanová Ing. Pavel Zoch, Ph.D. Ak. mal Petr Jareš Mgr. Jiří Dvořák

Martin Brož


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Categories: Anime and Animation
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