Hit and Run - 2009

Apr 19, 2010

A cosily lit room. A man and a woman are found in a tight embrace. Bizarrely he is explaining the fundaments of a Jiu Jitsu move but it soon becomes apparent the main objective of their encounter is to have sex. From the conversation it is clear the man is married but not to the women he is currently with. Asked by his „mistress“ whether his wife is aware of his extra-marital excursions, he happily moralises on the implicit openness and tolerance of his marriage. Eventually the lovemaking begins - until the phone rings and his wife announces her unexpected return home. From the brief telephone conversation it appears his marriage is not quite as open as he boasted and after telling his wife he was already at home and in bed, it becomes a race against time for him to leave and arrive home before her.

Wayne Jackson


Ina Paule Klink


Mila Da Veela


Claudia Sun


Claudia Sun


Markus Huersch

Director of Photography

Country of origin: Germany
Categories: Action
Ann Tood | 2013-06-12 20:41:26
Fantastic idea! Jaja
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