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Peter and Sarah are best friends. Sarah loves Danny. Peter also loves Danny. Danny only loves himself. They live happily in their city, until one slip turns their world upside down: the swindlers lose the money, the bitch loses the bull, the mannequin loses an arm, neighbours lose their heads, and friends become strangers. Directed by: Bálint Erkel Written by: Bálint Erkel and Balázs Tóth Director of Photography: Balázs Tóth Creative Producer: György Pálos Producer: Gábor Ferenczi, László Hartai and Ferenc Szohár Co-Producer: Gábor Osváth and Olivér Schottner Music: Erik Sumo Band - My Rocky Mountain, Puszi Együttes - Kemény világ, Tudósok - Buszsofőr Production Company: Cinemart Kft. Financed by the Hungarian National Film Fund
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