Urchin Tenants - Style Test 2

A early style test for the short film "Urchin Tenants" by Marijana Verhoef and Jan Joost Verhoef. From this particular test we learned that the monster can be unrealistically lit and still convince. As we learned from an earlier style test, matching the shots blurriness is more important. In fact, it will be a stylist choice to not have the monster conform to photorealism. The monster model itself will be changed, this is a work in progress. A motion capture performer will drive the movement.


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Country of origin: Germany
Categories: Anime and Animation
Hashtags: night  berlin  monster  style test 
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An early style test for the short film "Urchin Tenants" by Marijana Verhoef and Jan Joost Verhoef. It was done to research the look of the monster. From this particular test we learned that matching lens blur and camera shutter angle is essential.
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