Ma biche - trailer of film

Anna Troyanskaya
Nov 30, -1

Why we not enjoy simple authentic things in life? why we search something special and during with search we try to destroy everything in our way? Beautyfull couple cannot enjoy the live together. They need some other thing around: dinner, vine, drugs etc

Country of origin: Russia
Categories: Drama
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When you are in the party, not important enviness or stolen things. Party after party, tons of buddies and friends, songs to guitars and accordions… So much fun and team spirit that no time left for worries and anger. When you find that your shoes have been stolen, you just feel like laughing and singing away…
“If one was a sultan, he would certainly have a harem...” The main character, Michael, is a ladies’ man. His charisma and brutal bristle never fail to attract women of all ages. But can one wanton away his life and still make art? Maybe Michael merely cribs from Dali? His ex-wife comes around to seek aid in handling their daughter’s problems, but Michael is wrapped in verses.
Art or family? Vacation or thoughts? Woman or papers? A man work on his script and he doesnt have time even to talk with wife.
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