The Last of the Dodos

Tomáš Vynikal
Nov 30, -1

The Indian Ocean, the summer of 1662. A trade sailing ship is wrecked in a storm at the shore of the Mauritius Island. A single sailor survives, experiencing extremely unpleasant adventures with a roasted dodo as well as with the peculiar members of a local mission. In the end, he learns the true meaning of the proverb “We are what we eat”. An adventurous animated film by Jiří Novák about the infamous fate of a castaway, cute dodos, greedy monks and the divine punishment for human greed.

Tomáš Vynikal


Jiří Novák


Jiří Grúz


37th International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage 2011 (Czech Republic)
36th International Film Festival - It’s up to you too 2011 (Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic)
9th Neiße Filmfestival 2012 Germany
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Categories: Anime and Animation
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