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Mar 9, 2013

The film opens with a visit to a crimescene. Rain falls in sheets as a reconstruction of the blood-curdling circumstances of a murder is underway. Arek does not spare any vital details, Damian claims he was “only” watching. Their savagery shall remain an incomprehensible mystery – especially for the parents of the victim, who decide to directly confront one of the murderers. Von Horn takes a closer look at all the participants of the drama – including a psychologist helping in the investigation who does not conceal the depth of his emotional involvement in the case. Using simple, restrained means, the film renders an exceptionally condensed psychological situation in which all the protagonists remain helpless and lonely in their encounter with evil. An analogous feeling seizes those watching the film.

Magnus von Horn


Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
Hashtags: polish shorts 
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