Ina Nikolova
Apr 22, 2014

Pixilation Running time: 3’34” directed by Ina Nikolova and Rayna Atanasova Animation award winner SOFIA SHORT CHALLENGE 3 operation kino project (168 hours + topic=film) 15th Sofia IFF Chromones is included in the curriculum of all National public schools throughout Argentina, as part of the project (Re)think immigration in Argentina. Educational Bag to work from school, developed by the Human Rights Centre of Lanus, Cine Migrante IFF and the Ministry of Education. The main objectives of the project are encouraging diversity values and prevention of discrimination and xenophobia. The package is used at Elementary School (4th to 7th grade) and High School, first period.

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Categories: Anime and Animation
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clay animation Running time: 3’43” Direction, design, puppets and animation by Ina Nikolova and Yoana Alexandrova. d.o.p. + editing + original score by Steffen von Fleisch.
A short animation/visualization, done for a theater solo performance of the Bulgarian actress Maya Novoselska. The play is based on the book ‘I am a dream’, written and illustrated by Dafina Georgieva – Ronya(1989-2003). Lyrics of the song (also performed by Maya Novoselska) are an original poem written by Ronya. Her drawings are used for the character design of the short film. This, probably is the most sincere and clean project I have been part of. Working on it was a lucky chance to look at the world, through the eyes of an extraordinary clever child, with rarest talent and imagination. Ronya’s book ‘I am a dream’, as a starting point of the project, is the proof that sometimes a short life leaves a remarkably grand trace.
2d computer animation Running time: 2’07” directed and animated by Ina Nikolova edited by Nikolay Mihaylov sounds by OFFTAKT original score by Adrian Gougov
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