Marek Janičík
Jul 21, 2012

Documentary Cinema World tells us story of one of the last village cinemas in Slovakia. Real life stories and memories of local villagers give us a look into history of this cinema and show us its importance. Not only has the viewer an oportunity to be a witness of the cinema"s celebration in the memories of people, but he can also witness the closure of this cultural village temple. Even though the cinema was a significant part of the village for over half of the century, villagers will have to give it their last goodbye. The trigger in this scenario is the digitalization of cinemas in Slovakia. Village Očová decided not to take a part in this action. Unfortunatelly, this means sending their cinema straight to execution. Will the last goodbye carry the smell of sadness or pride? That is the question.

Marek Janičík


Peter Kováč

Director of Photography

Stanislav Králik


Marek Janičík


Ondrej Hrončiak, Zuzana Filová, Anna Krajčovičová, Marek Pivoluska, Tomáš Suchý, Jaroslav Dominik, Ivan Školuda a Pavel Pivoluska

character's name

Marek Janičík


International film festival ARTFILMFEST 2012 - Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia
Country of origin: No data
Categories: Documentary
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