anti - G R A F I TT I

Adela Muntean
Nov 30, -1

----------------------------------KIRALY STREET BUDAPEST------------------------------------------------ LOCATED in Erzsebetvaros, at the boundary between the 6th and the 7th district of Budapest and it extends between Deak Ferenc ter and Lovolde ter approx. 1.6 kilometers in length, KIRALY | KING street used to be the outer boundary of the former Jewish quarter with stores and workshops. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TODAY ||| Kiraly street is quickly becoming a trendy part of Budapest - also known as Budapest's Design Street packed with restaurants, pubs, interior design and furniture stores, boutiques and modern art galleries. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRAFITTI ||| As KING street went up to many transformation during the time, this transition period was marked by graffiti's which cover all over different surfaces of buildings: doors, windows, walls, stone, iron, glass, wood, etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But even if having a long history in street art GRAFITTI'S ARE STILL TABU in many countries: it is art or it is an act of vandalism? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The video expresses this eternal debate: the Mayor's Office commanded the erase of the * scribbles *, but every time one graffiti is washed down another one is painted back all over again and again. -----------------------This is why I manipulate the video: by reversing the image instead of seeing the disappearance of the graffiti's we see them appearing again.---------------------------- The erased surface creates a new platform where artists put their signature again and also expands their creativity as they have to come up with a new message every time, but this gesture also expresses their resistance against the Mayor's Office decision. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Documentary
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