Dark Ritual - 2007

Oct 10, 2008

The policewoman in charge was a witness of a mad ceremony. The experience made her mentally wore out so she suffers from partial amnesia. Every member of the cult were found massacred. Bullets ended their lives. Her old friend, a police investigator took over the situation. In order to help the investigation he tries to explore all the remaining details of the mysterious incident and he is confident that the memories of the young officer can reserve surprising information about the person of the delinquent... The story is based on the chilly novels of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers and Ambrose Bierce. The music of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring guarantees a tremendous atmosphere for the movie.

Philip Daimon


Beatrix Zentai


Tamás Várkonyi

Old man

Pál Boglár, Tamás Hajdu, Csaba Kálmán, Gergely Porvai a


Gábor Pivarcsi

The monster

István Bán


Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Thriller Horror
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Remake of the author's movie with the same title. It was originally inspired by Christian Nyby's The Thing from an Other World from 1951. The location is Alaska. The protagonist is a university teacher with a tragic fate. He has to face the results of his research when his sense of responsibility is awakened by Professor Winthrope, a friend he has not seen in a long time.
Everyone had a dream in which they had to try to escape from something. In these dreams we know there's no escape. We have to face it as we face all the barriers of our life. Our film attempts to put you in that situation.
The brother of Csaba is dying. Only a rare herb that can be found in the dark forest at the top of the mountain may help him now. By a legend, those who enter those woods risk their very own life cos' great evil lies there...
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