What is Aarhus Short Film Challenge

Stoyan Yankov
Sep 15, 2014

Want to know what Aarhus Short Film Challenge is all about? Watch our new video to find out! Sign up on our website: http://www.shortfilmchallenge.dk/sign/

Country of origin: Denmark
Categories: Experimental
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LIKE US and Follow the project on: https://www.facebook.com/thedarkpuppetfilm twitter: @dark_film From The Womb to the Tomb is a stop-motion puppet short film about the fear of aging. That very ambitious project is planned to be produced and released in 2014. The film goes into a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN in mid October 2013. Thank you DAAZO for your support!!
Winner of an Honorable Mention at ASFC2013 (Made in 1 week!) Director: Rares-Mihnea Hantiu From: Arad, Romania Topics: "Banana" and "Illusion" "This is a film that has a real point to make and does so effectively with excellent production values. Though only about four min. long, it might have been even more economical in its storytelling if some of the shots simply transporting the main character from one place to another were left out. An honorable mention goes to Rares-Mihnea Hantiu for tHIS IS nOT a bANANA" - The ASFC2013 jury
To Sign Up go to our website: http://www.shortfilmchallenge.dk/ Follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/AarhusShortF... https://twitter.com/AarhusShortFilm
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