Little Bride

DaazoFilms Europe
Mar 9, 2013

Our heroine stopped praying long ago. As a thirteen year-old girl she was brought from her native Turkey to Germany to marry one of her cousins. This is how her childhood ended – she became the property of a husband who tortures and degrades her. She finally decides to flee, but must continuously be in hiding. Condemned by both families, she has no chance at a normal life, neither as a wife nor a divorcee. The film is not a typical intervention reportage, but a poetic collage comprising of documentary material, family photographs and children’s drawings. This individual life story reflectsthestoriesof many other girls and women subjected to a patriarchal law still enforced by tacit consent in the multicultural societies of Western Europe.

Lesław Dobrucki


Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
Hashtags: polish shorts 
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