Showreel - Leszek Korusiewicz

Michalina Fabijańska
Apr 16, 2013

Leszek Korusiewicz - writer, director. Born in 1978 in Katowice. A graduate of Philosophy at the University of Silesia, he is currently studying Film Directing at the Radio and Television Department of the same university in Katowice. He has made several short films : Pat (2006), Why Do the Trees Move (2007) and The Smoke (2008), The Sweet Scent of Flowers Doesn't blow Against the Wind"(2010),The Whisper(2010). Currently, his working on his short film HAPPY BIRTHDAY, produced by Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association in the frame of 30 Minutes programme(

Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
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A bored couple on holiday give shelter to a young couple who appear on the doorstep of their house. They all go gathering berries in the forest and they all play games by the fire. The spontaneous young guests begin to wreak havoc on the predictable life of the couple yet are not hurry to return to their journey...
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