Who Is Getting Married -Warsaw Village Band/KTO SIE ZANI- KAPELA ZE WSI WARSZAWA

Mał GO
Nov 30, -1

The animation tries to bring the polish viewer closer to his own roots, his own coulture.The clip tells a story of a girl that refuses to get married. She feels the pressure of the society. She is trying with all her strength to oppose to the pending fate of marrying a young bachelor. The clip is inspired by the polish folklore: its tales, legends, masks and its dances. I wanted to present this story in a metaphorical way, that is why I used fictional characters and built a fairytale world. Because I dance in a folk dance group, I have contact with the polish folklore every day, and a huge inspiration to the video were the vibrant colors of the folk clothes, as well as the motif of the polish folk dance. I wanted the avant-garde interpretations of the folk music played by the Warsaw Village Band to set in smoothly with the strange, surrealistic picture. The animation is a non-literal, metaphorical reflection of the story told.

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Categories: Anime and Animation
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